“Need Inspiration?” The best part of what we do is surprising our clients with a distinct perspective, a fresh take on what’s been done before, whether it is the invitations, the menu, or the entertainment. We thrive on taking an idea and making it into something tangible.


“Where’s the Party?” We source and secure the perfect location for every occasion. From swanky rooftop bars, to a funky downtown gallery, or even a client’s backyard patio - we’ll manage and negotiate the venue rental and transform the space with themed décor, a customized color palette, and floral design.

food & drinks

“A Moveable Feast.” From enticing hors d’oeuvres to elaborate sit-down meals, we believe that your feast should be fun, delectable, and striking. We work with the most talented catering teams to create customized menus and provide staffing so that host and guests alike can enjoy the event VIP-style.


“Ready to Rock?" We connect our clients with a myriad of unique and dynamic entertainers and out-of-the-box programming options to turn the party up a notch. From the hottest DJs to the most stunning cirque-style performers, we find and book talent tailored to you and your event.