We're still here!

Why hello hello!

Remember us? We're still here - we've just been a little busy to say the least. One minute it was Summer and the next it's Fall. How does time always manage to fly by like that? 

That being said, we are beyond excited to share with you a really exciting project that we've been working really hard on. Our good friends at the Social Concierge invited us to take part in the 2nd Annual Dinner x Design and we just couldn't say no. So we found an incredible partner in crime with Gillian Segal from Gillian Segal Design and together built an incredible dream team of vendors which include Lock & Mortice, Katherine Gordon,  Matthew McCormick Design, Banner Carpets and Flower Factory to name a few. 

Have a little peek at our tablescape at the shots below (taken by the lovely Tracey Ayton) and if you're down at IDS West at the Vancouver Convention Centre this weekend, track down our booth. We would love to see you!